How Tebex Themes Can Boost Your Gaming Store's Revenue

You've seen the big Tebex stores, they don't settle for the default look. In fact, some entrepreneurs took design to a whole other level with stores that look absolutely astounding. In this blog post, we'll discuss why a great Tebex theme can be a game changer for you.

Posted by Gilles3 February 2024

What is a theme?

Let's first clear out some terminology here. The terms theme and template are often used interchangeably, and most of the times they are actually the same. However, to be completely correct I must point out that Tebex refers to a theme and template as being two different things. A template is the structure of your website; for those experienced with web development, it is the HTML. A theme is the actual styling that's applied to the template; the CSS.

We will keep things simple here and use both terms interchangeably throughout the remainder of this blog post.

Why should I use one?

There are many reasons why store owners consider getting a template made. I have talked to hundreds of server owners and script creators and one general line I hear among all of them is: "We want our store to be unique among the many competitors out there."

That's a perfectly reasonable analysis of the problem, isn't it? However there is a lot more to it! Great branding alone won't get you sales. That's what is so exciting!

  1. Uniqueness — When people visit your gaming store for the first time, you want something about it to be somewhat different from the others. If that person did not become a customer right then and there, you better be sure he or she remembers your store to get back to later.
    Make the experience memorable.
  2. Brand Awareness — If your goal is to gather a loyal customer base, branding is absolutely key. Don't have a clear logo, a matching color palette and a catchy headline, and people are simply not going to refer you to a friend. How could they? Give them some material to work with!
    A trustworthy presence gets you more referrals.
  3. Usability — This is a big one, and often not that well understood by creators. It is extremely important that people can easily navigate your site and get to the product they are looking for as soon as possible. There's a reason why products in a supermarket are organized in lanes the way they are.
    Make it easy to find and purchase products.

These are three most important considerations when thinking about getting a theme. Remember the key takeaways!

When to get one?

Now, let's get into some controversy. As has hopefully been made clear in the section before, getting a theme does not fix every problem. Although there are free themes out there, a great Tebex theme isn't cheap. Therefore, it is important to contemplate before throwing large amounts of money at a problem.

I have seen people at all phases of their entrepreneurial journey. Some were at the early beginnings, still trying to figure things out, while others have been in the industry for years. My advice to you is going to be different based on what stage you're in.

  1. New Creator (have no money) — When you have only a limited budget to work with, getting a theme right away may not be for you. One of the first lessons in starting a business is to spend money once the idea is validated, i.e. money is coming in. This is a safe bet for most people.
    No experience
    Reinvest revenue and make your store better as you go.
  2. New Creator (have some money) — These are people who have seen the opportunity and want to jump in. Doing things right from the get-go can really boost up the process of getting your name out there. If you have money to spend and know what direction you are heading, I absolutely recommend getting a theme. However, hire the right person and get the right theme; I hate to see money go to waste.
    Some experience
    Do things the right way and grow your business fast.
  3. Experienced Creator — You have got the ball rolling and are looking for the next jump in growth. At this point, you understand the market and have validated your idea, it is working but you might be stuck on growing your store. Getting an experienced designer's opinion can help you solve issues you might be having with regards to usability and brand awareness.
    1-2 years of experience
    Get a great theme, you have money to spend.
  4. Established Creator — Things get more and more interesting as you climb up the ladder. At this point, most creators have figured things out and understand the target audience. For those looking to get something unique, hire a professional.
    5 years of experience
    Get a professional's take on your store.

If the product you're selling is worth it, people will buy regardless of the appearance of your store. However, people who first visit your store and have no idea what you are selling will always judge based off of appearance.

My general advise to anyone looking for a Tebex template is to first get some customers, get the ball rolling by word of mouth, and then invest the money on creating a sustainable brand.

Does a theme really help?

You might be thinking now: "All good, but does a theme really boost sales?" The answer to that question is a sounding "It absolutely does!" If you purchase the right theme from an experienced designer and developer, there is no doubt in my mind that it will have a positive impact on sales. After all, people like things that look good!

Getting the usability aspect right, will lower your bounce rate, i.e. fraction of people that leave your website without interacting with it.

Being unique will make people remember your store. Furthermore, it serves as an example for other creators; you're the guy or girl with the great website. Who doesn't want that?

Enforcing brand awareness gets you loyal customers, who come back time and time again. Never underestimate the power of truly invested customers, they'll refer you to friends of their friends!

Never take a single person's worth for it. Ask around and look at what the profitable stores are doing. Really study and analyze them to form your own opinion on the matter. I end this post with a remarkable comment of one of Fragmentor's great customers.

Since implementing Fragmentor in my store, the impact on sales has been phenomenal. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features streamlined my tasks, resulting in a noticeable boost in revenue. The responsive support, the Founder Gilles, adds immense value with quick and effective solutions. Fragmentor isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for any business looking to enhance its online presence and increase sales. Highly recommended!

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